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CHEVROLETAVEO 1.6 LS A/T2014R 99,900.00Boksburg0002689     
TOYOTAETIOS 1.5 XS/SPRINT 5DR2014R 99,900.00Boksburg0002786     
KIARIO 1.4 (4DR)2014R 119,900.00Boksburg0002791     
BMW320I A/T (F30)2013R 169,900.00Boksburg0002802     
CHEVROLETCAPTIVA 2.4 LT A/T2014R 179,900.00Boksburg0002806     
CHEVROLETUTILITY 1.4 CLUB P/U S/C2015R 139,900.00Boksburg0002810     
CHEVROLETSPARK 1.2 CAMPUS/CURVE2016R 99,900.00Boksburg0002818     
CHEVROLETSPARK 1.2 LS 5Dr2017R 115,900.00Boksburg0002843     
CHEVROLETCRUZE 1.6 LS 5DR2014R 135,900.00Boksburg0002845     
FORDFIESTA 1.6 TDCI TREND 5DR2014R 139,900.00Boksburg0002846     
TOYOTAAVANZA 1.5 SX A/T2016R 199,900.00Boksburg0002850     
DAIHATSUTERIOS2012R 125,900.00Boksburg0002858     
CHEVROLETUTILITY 1.4 A/C P/U S/C2016R 129,900.00Boksburg0002864     
VOLKSWAGENJETTA VI 1.2 TSI TRENDLINE2014R 169,900.00Boksburg0002870     
NISSANNP200 1.6 A/C SAFETY PACK P/U S/C2016R 129,900.00Boksburg0002873     
ISUZUKB300D-TEQ LX P/U D/C2013R 239,900.00Boksburg0002875     
CHEVROLETCRUZE 1.6 LS2014R 129,900.00Boksburg0002877     
FORDECOSPORT 1.5 TIVCT AMBIENTE2016R 179,900.00Boksburg0002881     
KIARIO 1.2 5DR2016R 159,900.00Boksburg0002882     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO VIVO GP 1.6 COMFORTLINE 5DR2015R 149,900.00Boksburg0002883     
FORDFIESTA 1.4 AMBIENTE 5 DR2015R 129,900.00Boksburg0002886     
KIACERATO 2.0 KOUP2011R 119,900.00Boksburg0002888     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO VIVO GP 1.4 CONCEPTLINE 5DR2015R 119,900.00Boksburg0002891     
RENAULTKWID 1.0 DYNAMIQUE 5DR2017R 119,900.00Boksburg0002892     
TATAXENON XT 2.2 DICOR P/U D/C2015R 129,900.00Boksburg0002893     
TOYOTACOROLLA QUEST 1.6 A/T2014R 149,900.00Boksburg0002894     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO VIVO 1.4 5Dr2014R 109,900.00Boksburg0002895     
HYUNDAIACCENT 1.6 GL/MOTION2012R 115,900.00Boksburg0002896     
HYUNDAIi20 1.62011R 109,900.00Boksburg0002897     
FORDFOCUS 1.0 ECOBOOST TREND2016R 169,900.00Boksburg0002901     
VOLKSWAGENCADDY 1.6i (75KW) F/C P/V2011R 109,900.00Boksburg0002902     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO GTi 1.4TSi DSG2014R 209,900.00Boksburg0002903     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO 1.4 COMFORTLINE 5DR2013R 139,900.00Boksburg0002904     
OPELASTRA GTC 1.4T ENJOY 3DR2012R 129,900.00Boksburg0002905     
MAHINDRABOLERO MAXI TRUCK PLUS CONTRACTOR 2.5 TD P/U S/C2017R 99,900.00Boksburg0002906     
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 Updated Thursday, August 22, 2019

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