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VOLKSWAGENCADDY 1.6i (75KW) F/C P/V2011R 109,900.00Boksburg0002902     
HYUNDAIi20 1.62011R 109,900.00Boksburg0002897     
KIACERATO 2.0 KOUP2011R 119,900.00Boksburg0002888     
OPELASTRA GTC 1.4T ENJOY 3DR2012R 129,900.00Boksburg0002905     
HYUNDAIACCENT 1.6 GL/MOTION2012R 115,900.00Boksburg0002896     
DAIHATSUTERIOS2012R 125,900.00Boksburg0002858     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO 1.4 COMFORTLINE 5DR2013R 139,900.00Boksburg0002904     
BMW320I A/T (F30)2013R 169,900.00Boksburg0002802     
ISUZUKB300D-TEQ LX P/U D/C2013R 239,900.00Boksburg0002875     
TOYOTACOROLLA QUEST 1.6 A/T2014R 149,900.00Boksburg0002894     
CHEVROLETAVEO 1.6 LS A/T2014R 99,900.00Boksburg0002689     
CHEVROLETCAPTIVA 2.4 LT A/T2014R 179,900.00Boksburg0002806     
VOLKSWAGENJETTA VI 1.2 TSI TRENDLINE2014R 169,900.00Boksburg0002870     
FORDFIESTA 1.6 TDCI TREND 5DR2014R 139,900.00Boksburg0002846     
CHEVROLETCRUZE 1.6 LS2014R 129,900.00Boksburg0002877     
CHEVROLETCRUZE 1.6 LS 5DR2014R 135,900.00Boksburg0002845     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO VIVO 1.4 5Dr2014R 109,900.00Boksburg0002895     
TOYOTAETIOS 1.5 XS/SPRINT 5DR2014R 99,900.00Boksburg0002786     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO GTi 1.4TSi DSG2014R 209,900.00Boksburg0002903     
KIARIO 1.4 (4DR)2014R 119,900.00Boksburg0002791     
CHEVROLETUTILITY 1.4 CLUB P/U S/C2015R 139,900.00Boksburg0002810     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO VIVO GP 1.6 COMFORTLINE 5DR2015R 149,900.00Boksburg0002883     
VOLKSWAGENPOLO VIVO GP 1.4 CONCEPTLINE 5DR2015R 119,900.00Boksburg0002891     
TATAXENON XT 2.2 DICOR P/U D/C2015R 129,900.00Boksburg0002893     
FORDFIESTA 1.4 AMBIENTE 5 DR2015R 129,900.00Boksburg0002886     
CHEVROLETSPARK 1.2 CAMPUS/CURVE2016R 99,900.00Boksburg0002818     
TOYOTAAVANZA 1.5 SX A/T2016R 199,900.00Boksburg0002850     
CHEVROLETUTILITY 1.4 A/C P/U S/C2016R 129,900.00Boksburg0002864     
NISSANNP200 1.6 A/C SAFETY PACK P/U S/C2016R 129,900.00Boksburg0002873     
KIARIO 1.2 5DR2016R 159,900.00Boksburg0002882     
FORDFOCUS 1.0 ECOBOOST TREND2016R 169,900.00Boksburg0002901     
FORDECOSPORT 1.5 TIVCT AMBIENTE2016R 179,900.00Boksburg0002881     
CHEVROLETSPARK 1.2 LS 5Dr2017R 115,900.00Boksburg0002843     
MAHINDRABOLERO MAXI TRUCK PLUS CONTRACTOR 2.5 TD P/U S/C2017R 99,900.00Boksburg0002906     
RENAULTKWID 1.0 DYNAMIQUE 5DR2017R 119,900.00Boksburg0002892     
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 Updated Thursday, August 22, 2019

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